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Worship Services

Letters from War
May 26, 2024
10:00 am

Letters from Andrew Carroll’s book “Selections from War Letters" will be read by members of the congregation as Kathy Derrick shares stories about the letter writers. These poignant letters highlight how critical it is for those serving in the armed forces to stay connected to their loved ones back home. The letters are about relationships and the courage shown by the writers in their letters is sometimes deeply humbling. This service is dedicated to them – and to all men and women who served in past wars, or are now serving their country in these very troubling times.

Order of Service

Auction Sermon: Is There Power in Prayer?
May 19, 2024
10:00 am

As UU’s we often struggle with the idea of prayer. Who are we praying to? Do we really have the power to make the universe do our bidding? Join Rev. Jenny Amstutz as we explore the thoughtful questions of Michele and Chuck Oseroff, top bidders who won the Auction Sermon topic this year, in an exploration of the power and possibilities of prayer.


We will also be welcoming new members this Sunday with a Joining Ceremony during the worship service.

Order of Service

Services are in-person and online.

To join us online, go to:

Columbine Online Sanctuary

After the service, please join us for the Columbine Online Coffee Hour.

Meeting ID: 914 6008 6922, Passcode: CUUC


The Gift of Pluralism


Non-attachment: How Being Spiritually Nimble Can Help Us Build Beloved Community

with Rev. Jenny Amstutz


Mothers Day for Peace


Auction Sermon

with Rev. Jenny Amstutz


Letters from War

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