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Covenant Sundays

4th Sunday of Each Month

Join Rev. Jenny Amstutz on the 4th Sunday of each month when we will gather after our worship service as a whole church community to live into the 8th Principle by educating ourselves, lending our help to people in the wider community, and building relationships with people who are working to fight oppression. Covenant Sundays are for everyone (members and friends, young and old) and they will provide us with an opportunity to do the work of our faith together. 

If you have suggestions or ideas, please email Rev. Jenny Amstutz.

September 24: Building the World We Dream About

Join us as we kick off Covenant Sundays, our 4th Sunday whole church activities where all are invited to continue to learn how to create true Beloved Community and then to do the work together! Please bring your own sack lunch with reusable cutlery and plates (and then take them home with you to wash) and join us after coffee hour for a lively discussion of "How can we work as a whole church to live into the covenant of our 8th Principle?"

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