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Growing a Progressive Spiritual Community to Build a Just and Loving World

Worship Service

March 26, 2023

10:00 am

Healing from Religious Trauma

Over the course of history, religion has often been misused to oppress and marginalize people and has led to division and war. While ideally religious organizations should offer tools for self-discovery and spiritual guidance as well as the comfort and support of community, many times the patriarchal power structures and creedal dogma of religious groups cause hurt and harm to believers. Join Rev. Jenny Amstutz as we reclaim the word “religion” and explore ways that we can heal from harmful or oppressive theologies.  The Columbine Choir will sing.

Worship services are in-person & online.​

Festive Dinner

circle Suppers


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April 15th

5:00 pm

Pride Parade

Denver Pride

Pride Parade

June 25th


Building Beloved Community

Find Your Passion!
Here at Columbine UU Church we have a wide variety of on-going opportunities to connect with our community through the interests we share. You are encouraged to try out a what interests you. 

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